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Campervan hire from Indie Campers

Campervan Hire

in the UK and across Europe

Check our subscription product and book your home on four wheels! Customize the entire experience at unbeatable prices.

Check our subscription product and book your home on four wheels! Customize the entire experience at unbeatable prices.

Flexible travel policy

We're taking extra steps to accommodate our travellers and ensure everyone stays healthy and safe. Click below to know more about our updated policies.

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Europe's largest owned fleet

Over 2000 campervans, motorhomes and converted vans for hire across 40 locations in 15 European countries. Start dreaming and travel with us!

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Europe's most competitive campervan hire offering

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Free cancellation

Cancel your trip with a full refund up to 15 days before your pick-up date!

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Change your trip for free

Modify dates, locations and vehicle model up to 48 hours before your trip.

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Longer stays mean discount!

Travel more, get more! Enjoy a 5% discount on the rental value of bookings of 14 nights or more; 10% for 21 or more nights.

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Pay only 20% in advance

If you book more than 15 days in advance, pay only 20% of your booking value in advance.

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Dream of living in a campervan? We have the answer.

Check out our long term campervan hire options and book your new home on four wheels! Customize your entire experience at unbeatable prices.

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Rent out your campervan or motorhome

Don't let your campervan sit idle. Join the Indie community and list your campervan or motorhome to start earning!

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An owner renting out his campervan to a family
  • Indie Campers have launched a long-term subscription service after seeing a 66% rise in requests from remote workers. The #vanlife lifestyle could be about to expand beyond the Instagram tribe.

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What is the Flexible Cancellation Policy?

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Is it possible to carbon offset my road trip?

Can I take a campervan from the UK to the EU and vice-versa?

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