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About us

Indie Campers shifts the hassle of planning a road trip towards an easy, personalized experience through digital innovation and the dedicated support of our customer care team. We offer the latest campervans in destinations across Europe and provide local travel advice, highlighting special places for an unforgettable road trip.

Indie Campers team from their annual meeting
What started off as a three-van rental company in Portugal, brought to reality in 2013 by two good friends from Portugal and Austria, has become Europe’s largest campervan rental company. With a fleet of over 2.000 owned and operated campervans, which we currently operate in more than 40 locations across Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Netherlands, England, Scotland, Ireland, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Croatia, Iceland, Austria and Sweden, we have also recently started integrating countless other amazing recreational vehicles from other professional companies and private campervan owners. Aiming to provide travellers with the ultimate road trip experience, Indie Campers offers adventurers the opportunity to start their journey in one location and end it in a different one on most of its road trips.
With a wide array of extras available for rent, such as WiFi, GPS, tables and chairs, barbecues, surfboards or even bikes, Indie Campers makes it easy for all keen explorers to effortlessly customise their trip and turn their holidays truly unique. Further, Indie Campers shifts the hassle of travel planning towards a relaxed, personalized experience through the dedicated support of the bookings team. We provide travellers with authentic local tips and advice, highlighting special places for an unforgettable trip.
Indie Campers
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