Top 6 Tips to Buying The Right Campervan

Congratulations! You finally decided to move forward with your plan of buying a campervan. Luckily, we came up with our brief guide to buying your next campervan and go freely on road trips all year long.

Fortunately, Indie Campers is a European campervan rental leader, that also offers you the opportunity to choose your suitable vehicle among their own verified fleet without having to deal with any agency or unnecessary costs. The best part; we offer a 15 days money-back guarantee plus a 1-year warranty on the engine and transmission (subject to terms and conditions). Today, we are pleased to share our best tips and steps to help you choose the right campervan for your future adventures. 

Purpose and use: 

First, it is important to understand what you want out of a campervan. Make a list of your plans, adventures you want to go to, the places you wish to visit. Different people have different intentions. Some want to go on surfing trips, others prefer from city to city and discover the historic and medieval buildings, while others want to pick their friends up and go on a spontaneous road trip. In that matter, it is important to know how many seats you want your motorhome to have. Ranging from 2 to 7, our campervans can accommodate a different number of people overnight. 


Planning your budget accordingly and relative to your financial situation is a must. You always have to acknowledge the costs of owning a campervan. That being said, it is important to get information about insurance plans, fuel consumption, maintenance, as well as other costs related to your road trip spending. It is also helpful to calculate the personal modifications you might want to add to your RV. One more thing you should consider is that starting with defining your budget will save you quite a bit of unnecessary research online. This way, you can directly look for what fits within your budget. Of course, taking into account your needs, size, features and age.

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 Besides deciding on your use and budget, it is important to know which features you want your new motorhome to have. Starting with the engine, you need to know which transmission you prefer to drive. Depending on your usage of the campervan, which we discussed earlier, you must decide what you want out of your new motorhome in terms of facilities. Do you need an integrated toilet/shower? If you are planning to go on long road trips then it is better to have hygiene convenience and an integrated stove to cook for yourself in order to save money, or simply to enjoy the full experience of living in a campervan. In addition, there are plenty of features to look for such as the heating system, AC, electric systems, TV, sunroof, table,


When calculating your budget, we recommend taking into consideration any changes you might want to make after buying a campervan. Many people like to add their personalized features such as an awning, and outdoor chairs and table, a new set of tires, sun shades, barbecue, child seats as well as new details you might need to change because they were not changed by the previous owner. These additional costs can add up, especially if they require changing some expensive parts of the vans, so it is better to take them into account. 

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Age and mileage: 

These can sometimes be good indicators of the vehicle’s overall condition. There is usually a correlation between these two signs and the price of the campervan. You can define a range that suits your budget and how much you are expecting to use your campervan. You can also keep in mind the reselling value of the vehicle, as its price will depreciate over time. It also helps to know when was the last time the campervan had a technical inspection. 

Test and Inspect: 

Inspecting for any damages is essential to buying any vehicle. Checking if it has any battery problems, if the solar panels are working properly, if there are any leaks, if the brakes are working properly, should be the first action you take. In addition, check if the engine and transmission are in good condition. You can ask to drive the vehicle to double test all these mechanical aspects and also see if the van is stable at high speeds and if the acceleration and steering are smooth. Moreover, we highly recommend checking the campervan electrics, any rust in areas where it usually builds up, appliances and furnishings, wipers, windows. It is always a good idea to make your own checklist and bring it with you to make sure you do not miss any important tests.

Buying a campervan can be a good investment in your leisure time. Please take your time to plan accordingly for all these details and make a checklist of all the things you would like to check in the campervan before buying it. Luckily, Indie Campers is offering a 1-year warranty on engine and transmission (subject to conditions) on their campervan fleet. It is also important to read our technical articles about campervans such as maintenance, driving, cleaning, and overall usability of these wonderful vehicles.

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