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Ronda is a popular stop on any Andalusia road trip

Campervan and Motorhome Hire in Andalusia

From the orange blossom-lined streets of Seville to the crystal blue waters of Malaga, Andalusia has something to offer everyone. Hire a campervan or motorhome in Andalusia and discover the breathtaking south of Spain. The Spanish region of Andalusia has it all: sandy coastlines, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and several stunning national parks.

National Parks of Andalusia

Andalusia is home to a diverse wealth of landscapes, all perfect for exploring in your campervan or motorhome hire.

From Seville, drive south to Doñana National Park. Explore miles of lagoons, pine groves, and marshlands. Hike, equestrian, or kayak through the wetlands to spot 100-year-old tortoises and bright pink flamingos. 

Continue east to Sierra Nevada National park. With striking valleys and rugged peaks, this national park is perfect for exploring in your campervan or motorhome hire. Dive into glacial lakes or hike up to panoramic summits. Depending on the time of year, the park offers you the ability to explore on foot, on a bike, or even on skis.

Sierra de las Nieves offers a world of contrast to explore on your campervan adventure. Plunging ravines and towering peaks, sulphurous springs, and winding rivers all characterise this lush Andalusian paradise. Hike, bike, or even drive your campervan or motorhome through the most stunning parts of the park.

If you're looking to explore further, drive your campervan north towards the heart of Spain . Here, you'll find the stunning landscapes of Monfrague National Park, Cabañeros National Park, and the Tablas Daimiel.

Andalusia's Coastline, Lakes, and Rivers

Andalusia is home to some of the most stunning coastlines in Spain . A link between the Mediterranean and the Pacific Ocean, Andalusia is the perfect starting point for a coastal campervan experience. 

Discover hidden coves along the Costa del Sol, or drive your campervan southwest to the vibrant town of Cadiz. In Cadiz, you can float in the glittering bays or watch colourful boats gently float along the coast. Continue your exploration west into the sun-drenched Portuguese Algarve for more spectacular beaches.

Before you leave the province of Seville, be sure to check out the Isla Margarita on the banks of the Húeznar river. Drive your campervan or motorhome hire east to explore the banks of the Guadalevín or Verde River or soak in the thermal baths of Hedionda in Casares, Malaga.

Campgrounds in Andalusia

When travelling by campervan or motorhome, it is essential that you have arranged where you’re going to stay each night. Be sure to choose a place that can accommodate the needs of your campervan or motorhome hire.

Here are a few places you might consider stopping as you plan for your Andalusia road trip: Camping La Aldea, Camping Trevelez, and Camping Sierra de las Nieves. 

Travelling via campervan or motorhome hire is a great way to explore the amazing wilderness of southern Spain . It can also come with its unique set of challenges. To best prepare for your adventure, be sure to check out our camping tips and how-to guides

With exquisite gastronomy, breathtaking scenery, and a wealth of culture, you're sure to make memories that last a lifetime. Hire a campervan or motorhome from any of our Andalusian locations like Seville, Malaga, or Valencia and embark on an unforgettable journey.

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