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Campervan and Motorhome Hire in Schleswig-Holstein

Waves, wetlands, and wonder–all at your fingertips. Hire a campervan or motorhome in Schleswig-Holstein and discover unadulterated nature, endless cycle paths, and sandy shores. The northernmost region of Germany is a diverse natural wonderland–the perfect place to explore by campervan.

National Parks in Schleswig-Holstein

From Hamburg, drive your campervan or motorhome hire northeast to discover Schleswig-Holstein's crown jewel: the Wadden Sea UNESCO Heritage Site. This protected area is home to three national parks, each unique and beautiful. 

Begin your journey at the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park. The region's distinctive salt marshes and steep sand dunes make this area fascinating to explore. Visit an old lighthouse, learn about the area's history at the park museums, or visit the Norddeich seal centre to witness the beauty of this area's marine life.

Continue your campervan adventure along the coast to Hamburg Wadden Sea National Park. Three islands make up the small but beautiful park. Hike or take a carriage ride across the expansive mudflats–the park's crowning feature. As you walk along the shore, learn about the pirates that frequented the island or try spotting adorable harbour seals basking on a rock. 

And finally, don't miss the northernmost park in the trio: Schleswig-Holsteinisches National Park. Explore large tidal flats, shifting sand dunes, and quiet marshes. This national park is home to mega-pods of dolphins and over 250 other species of plants and animals unique to the Wadden Sea. This magnificent flora and fauna haven earned these parks their UNESCO Heritage Site title.

Schleswig-Holstein Coastline, Lakes, and Rivers

Schleswig-Holstein has no shortage of beautiful coastlines and water features for you to explore in your campervan or motorhome hire. 

Ideal for swimmers of all ages, Dahme beach is a long and sandy beach perfect for basking in the sun or splashing in the waves. Lifeguards and playgrounds make this a busy but easily accessible beach. 

If you're looking to escape the crowds, grab your towel and hop in your campervan hire to head to Sylt. This protected island has a touristy side, but it doesn't take much to discover the hidden coves and quiet beaches away from the bustling crowds. Take a boat ride through the canals or charter a gyrocopter to get a whole new perspective. If you prefer to keep your feet on solid ground, wander through the local shops to see the unbelievable local artistry. 

Back on the mainland, drive your campervan or motorhome hire to Lake Keller–a secluded oasis. Loved by locals, this lake has plenty of recreational options. Hike, bike, or swim around the lake. Enjoy a beautiful sunset from its banks and enjoy fantastic food in the local village of Malente.

Campgrounds in Schleswig-Holstein

There is no better way to explore northern Germany than by campervan or motorhome hire. When preparing for your epic Schleswig-Holstein campervan road trip, you want to remember about arranging overnight accommodations. 

Here are a few campgrounds you might consider staying at as you drive your campervan or motorhome hire across beautiful Schleswig-Holstein: Dunes Camping Sylt, Familien-Camping Kransburger See, Naturepark-Camping Prinzenholz.

Schleswig-Holstein is full of charm and beauty. When you hire a campervan or motorhome from Berlin, Hamburg, or Hannover, you'll have unfettered access to some of the most beautifully serene landscapes Germany has to offer. Point your compass towards Schleswig-Holstein and start planning the campervan adventure of a lifetime.

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