Campervan and motorhome hire in Scotland

Dream of living in a campervan? We have the answer.

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Dream of living in a campervan? We have the answer.

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Campervans for hire in Scotland

These campervans are available at our local depots in Scotland. Find out which fits your road trip best.


Fiat Ducato Diesel, 2019 (manufactured by Knaus)

2.3 Multijet 130

  • 4 People

    Seating and beds for 4 people

  • Dimensions

    7,01m x 3,00m x 2,79m

  • WC

    Integrated Bathroom with Shower

  • 2 convertible double beds

    Rear - 2.01m x 1.33m | Lifting - 2.10m x 1.23m

Where to start your road trip in Scotland

Rent a campervan in any of our popular cities in Scotland. Check local campervan availability, popular routes and get expert tips.


If there’s one thing that makes Edinburgh tick it’s the city’s youthfulness and a certain ‘live life to the fullest’ spirit that makes it the perfect starting point for a campervan road trip. Check into the trendy atmosphere by rolling into the independent art scene, filled with hip galleries and alternative entertainment venues.

What you should know about Scotland

Here’s some essential information for campervan travellers in Scotland


Fuel in Scotland is slightly more expensive than other European countries. Fortunately, it’s also relatively small so you’ll use less petrol during your campervan hire in Scotland. Plus, our Indie campervans run on diesel — a cheaper choice.

Speed limits

Knowing the rules of the road is essential for a campervan hire in Scotland. In urban areas, the limit is 30 mph (48 km/h) unless otherwise indicated. Elsewhere, it’s 60 mph (96 km/h), while on motorways and dual-carriageways, the limit increases to 70 mph (112 km/h).

Roads & Highways

Highways here are generally in good condition. The only trouble you may have when driving your campervan in Scotland is with animals on the road, weather changes, and rural roads that are one lane with passing places. There are also fewer petrol stations in the countryside so keep your motorhome topped up if travelling to remote areas.


There are no toll roads or toll bridges here — an added bonus for a campervan hire in Scotland!

Camping Rules

While wild camping is legal here, unfortunately for your campervan hire in Scotland, that doesn’t include motorised vehicles. However, camping informally, not at a campsite, is more or less tolerated if you do so responsibly and seek the landowner’s agreement first. Avoid parking your campervan or motorhome overnight in Scotland within sight of houses or blocking access to tracks or fields. And there are plenty of campsites around if you’d prefer a night with all the necessary facilities.

Cost of travelling

As the value of the pound has dropped in recent years, the UK is an increasingly budget-friendly travel destination. Groceries are cheap in Scotland while a standard pub lunch will cost you around £10 and a pint around £3.50 — cheaper than elsewhere in the UK. Of course, with an Indie campervan hire in Scotland you’ll be saving money on accommodation.


Comedian Billy Connolly said “There are two seasons in Scotland: June and Winter”. But that’s not entirely true. In fact, you can easily encounter all the four seasons in one day. So, be prepared for any weather conditions, including sun. And if it rains (which it will), remember that’s one reason why the whisky is so good in Scotland.


From Aberdeen Angus steaks to seafood, from black pudding to haggis (of course), Scotland may be home to the deep-fried Mars Bar but it has plenty of more refined food for you to enjoy during your campervan road-trip. You should also enjoy a dram or two of whisky. Or there’s that ‘other national drink’, the alarmingly orange IRN BRU. Don’t knock it ‘till you’ve tried it.

About Scotland

Mountainous wilderness, shadowy glens, glittering lochs, majestic ruins: Scotland makes looking good seem easy.

In the north of the UK is a land of windswept beaches, rugged mountain ridges, dark brooding lochs, and moody moorland. Scotland, small in size, stuffs an outrageous number of natural wonders into its square metres. Indeed, the country’s national animal is the unicorn — a fitting choice for a landscape so out of this world. A land trod by Romans, Vikings, ancient clansmen, and kings, Scotland’s past is rich and alluring. But so is its present. Home to warm, welcoming, and proud people, over 170 languages may be spoken here but Scotland’s sense of its unique heritage remains strong. So how better to explore this breathtaking terrain than on four wheels? This is a country designed to be driven through. Ideally in an RV. Hire a campervan in Scotland and pass through glacial glens and alongside crumbling castles. You’ll discover waterfalls and drive captivating coasts. Spend the night in one of the country’s many vibrant cities. Climb Britain’s highest mountain, Ben Nevis. Explore Britain’s most enigmatic, most fantastical lake: Loch Ness. Spy dolphins, seals, whales, otters, and endless varieties of birds. Sleep on your campervan under vast skies, graced by the Northern Lights and Golden Eagles by turns. Scotland: keeping it wild and wonderful since always.

Scotland. Rugged coastlines, lush green valleys, and looming mountains. Almost 800 islands and three different oceans: the icy North, the Wild Atlantic, and the stormy Irish sea. Home to the UK's highest mountains, deepest lochs, largest swathes forest — Scotland does everything the rest of the UK does, but better. With a campervan hire in Scotland, discover dynamic cities and natural beauty on an enormous scale. Edinburgh, the capital, with its majestic hilltop castle, home to the spectacular annual arts festival, The Fringe. Or, culture capital Glasgow, a former industrial hub with its finger well and truly on the pulse. But it’s on leaving the urban world behind that the magic truly begins. Drive your rental motorhome through a landscape beloved of photographers, film directors, and intrepid travellers everywhere. Da Vinci Code, Harry Potter, Skyfall, and The Dark Knight Rises: epic movies call for epic landscapes and Scotland is happy to provide. Soaring mountains and lakes full of mystery. Beaches that could pass for the Caribbean — minus the palm trees. Islands steeped in the romantic Celtic and Norse culture. Medieval crofts and Gothic castles. Haggis, whisky, tweed, and bagpipes, but also people who are generous with their hospitality, and even more so with their smiles. Raucous New Year Hogmanay celebrations, Burns’ Suppers, St Andrew’s Day and boisterous cèilidhs — park up your campervan and you’ll see that Scotland can throw a banging party too.

Other popular cities for campervan hire in Scotland

Some of the most popular cities for starting a road trip besides our destinations in Scotland.