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Campervan hire Spain

Campervan hire in Spain

The best fleet of motorhomes and campervans for rent in Spain

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Campervans for hire in Spain

These campervans are available at our local depots in Spain. Find out which fits your road trip best.

Side view of Indie Campers Sporty Model

Fiat Ducato/Talento or Renault Traffic Diesel, 2016-18

30 CH2 2.0 Multijet 115

  • 4 People

    Seating and beds for 4 people

  • Dimensions

    4,96m x 2,69m x 2,75m

  • WC

    Optional as extra

  • 2 convertible double beds

    Lower - 1.90m x 1.55m | Upper - 1.90m x 1.45m

Side view of the Active Model

Fiat Ducato Diesel, 2015-18

MH2, 2.0 Multijet 115

  • 4 People

    Seating and beds for 4 people

  • Dimensions

    5,41m x 2,69m x 2,75m

  • WC

    Shower and Portable Toilet included

  • 2 fixed double beds

    Lower - 1.87m x 1.40m | Upper - 1.80m x 1.40m

Side view of the VW California Model

VW California Diesel, 2018-19 (automatic transmission)

BlueMotion Coast/Ocean 2.0TDI 150

  • 4 People

    Seating and beds for 4 people

  • Dimensions

    4,90m x 2,30m x 2,20m

  • WC

    Optional as extra

  • 2 convertible double beds

    Lower - 2.00m x 1.14m | Upper - 2.00m x 1.20m

Where to start your road trip in Spain

Hire a campervan in any of our popular cities in Spain. Check local campervan availability, popular routes and get expert tips.

Campervan hire Barcelona

Just like FC Barcelona is més que un club, Barcelona is much more than just a great city. The city is the symbol of Catalan culture and, like Barça’s football team, hope of the fiercely proud Catalan people.

Campervan hire Bilbao

Bilbao’s lively gastronomy came up along with the city’s newly-found identity, taking the best from the past and evolving it with and a new generation taking over the city.

RV rental Seville

An extravagant cocktail of thousands of years of history and the lavish riches of the conquistadors, sightly Seville is so out of this world it’s perhaps the world’s most favourite movie set and certainly one worth exploring if you’re travelling around Spain by campervan.

Campervan hire Malaga

The Costa del Sol. If this name for itself doesn’t say it all, we don’t know what will. Meaning literally “Coast of the Sun”, this is where you’ll find Malaga, one of the oldest cities in the world, and a whole lot of sun!

Campervan hire Madrid

With breathtaking architecture, stately buildings, and grandiose boulevards, Madrid makes for a cultured cosmopolitan experience and a great start for a campervan hire Iberian experience. Madrid’s vibrating art scene, paired with the city’s up-and-coming high-end gastronomy, lures a fascinating crowd of worldly connoisseurs.

What you should know about Spain

Here’s some essential information for campervan travellers in Spain


A price of diesel for your RV in Spain is average when compared to other European countries, and lower than at its northern neighbours. This means you can do a lot of kilometres without worrying about breaking the bank.

Speed limits

The speed limit for campervans and motorhomes on freeways is 120km/h (75mph), 100km/h on expressways (62mph), 90 km/h (56mph) outside inhabited areas, and 50 km/h (31mph) within inhabited areas.

Roads & Highways

Highways in Spain are well maintained (which is amazing, considering they’re mostly free). Keep in mind you really must respect the speed limits with your motorhome, since there are a lot of speed traps all around Spain.


Luckily for you and your campervan, Spain has no tolls on highways, but you can find them on some motorways. Generally, the paid ones are called “Autopistas” and are designated by the letters AP, as in AP8; the free ones are called “Autovias” and are designated by the letter A, as in A66.

Camping Rules

Wild camping is illegal and severely punished in Spain. Find proper places to park and spend the night on a van. Luckily, there are many free and paid motorhome stops for your campervan around the country. Also, avoid lighting fires!

Cost of travelling

Spain is an accessible country when we talk about the cost of travelling by campervan. A mid-range three-course meal for two costs about €35. Pretty cool for a lot of tapas, right?


In Spain, clear skies with a lot of sun are generally the forecast––except on the Atlantic coast, where the climate is oceanic, with frequent downfall and milder temperatures in summer and winter. Spain’s Mediterranean coast gets hotter, with less rain and more sunny days.


A little bit of this, a little bit of that… That’s the tradition: welcome to the country of tapas! You’ll also find other dishes, of course, such as paella, croquettes, chorizo, tortilla, and much, much more!

About Spain

From snoozing siestas, fiery flamencos, and tasty tapas, to ancient myths and timeless architecture, Spain is a road map linking unknown exotic worlds waiting to be explored by campervan.

To hire a campervan in Spain and not cross this amazing country is like asking for huevos rotos without egg. Because Spain is the perfect destination for campervans. Just like gorging on tapas, your rental motorhome gets you to try a bit of everything Spain has to offer. Start with Barcelona, home to the Gaudi’s amazingly-quirky architecture, the legendary football club of Messi and Iniesta, and capital of the proud region of Catalonia. Drive up to Madrid, the dreamy Spanish capital where football and nightlife share the throne, passing by the city where Paella was created, Valencia. Don’t forget the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, Malaga, and the fun, cultural and Star-Wars-and-Game-of-Thrones-approved city Seville. And if you think that, with this, you’ve got Spain covered, think again. The best of Spain is to be had between the big cities, and around the corners of the famous sites, because Spain is a land of forgotten myths and legends. Fortunately, you’ll have a campervan to explore every corner of this country and make it right.

Nowadays, Spain is a sanctuary for tourists––and an endless oasis for campervanners and road trippers in general. With cities full of history and architectonic splendour, villages untouched by time, and food that will make your stomach sing a happy tune, this country is perfect for motorhome exploration. Cities are generally not more than two hours away from each other; you have beaches, cities, forests and mountains at your disposal; and you have more than enough activities, indoor and outdoor, to bring fun to your vanlife. That said, hire a campervan in Spain and explore Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga, Seville, Bilbao, Salamanca, Zaragoza, Andorra, Gibraltar and all the other 34 cities that will take your spirit…arriba!!!

Top regions in Spain

Discover the best regions in Spain to hire a campervan and head on a road trip.

Other popular cities for campervan hire in Spain

Some of the most popular cities for starting a road trip besides our destinations in Spain.

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