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Campervan hire Stockholm

Campervan Hire in Stockholm

The best campervans and motorhomes for hire in Stockholm

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Campervan and Motorhome Hire in Stockholm

Hire a campervan or motorhome from Stockholm to explore everything from the sprawling archipelago to the lush Varmland. Paddle down winding rivers, dig your toes into golden shores or explore the exquisite culture within Stockholm itself. 

Stockholm is located in middle Sweden, which means that you will have unlimited access to the stunning South and the majestic North. All you have to do is pick your campervan and choose a direction, hop in your campervan hire, and set off on an unforgettable journey.

Stockholm National Parks

Travelling from Stockholm in a campervan or motorhome hire is the perfect way to explore Sweden's 28 National Parks.

If you're looking for beautiful scenery and plenty of outdoor activities, then the Tyresta National Park is a great option just beyond the city limits. Dense forests, abundant wildlife, rushing streams, and picturesque lakes offer endless opportunities for exploration. Hike or bike along the trails or paddle along the banks of the lake.

Drive your campervan or motorhome hire north to Muddus National Park. This remote park offers an escape from the crowds. The primaeval forest spans the park making it–literally–the quietest place in Sweden. Meandering rivers, tumbling waterfalls, and even a mysterious box canyon make this park perfect for hiking and biking. 

Alternatively, drive your campervan hire south to Söderåsen National Park. Lush rolling hills drop off into stark valleys making this park perfect for everyone from multi-day backpackers to day hikers. The park has an intriguing visitor centre from which multiple hiking trails start.

Stockholm Coastline, Lakes, and Rivers

Stockholm is surrounded by lots of great coastlines perfect for exploring by campervan or motorhome hire. Escape the crowds with a trip to Lilla Sand. The golden sand beaches and hidden coves offer a quiet retreat from summer crowds. Alternatively, head to Galo Naurreservat to hike along rocky shores and lush forests. 

Point your campervan hire south of Stockholm to visit the gorgeous Lake Asen. The lake is home to one of Scandinavia's largest bird sanctuaries and is a must-visit for bird watchers and wildlife photographers. Here, you can explore the lush shoreline by foot or the maze of waterways by kayak. 

There are also so many lovely rivers to visit just outside of Stockholm. Take a dive into the Dalälven or explore the lush marshlands that surround the Rånäs Ån by kayak or canoe.

Campgrounds in Stockholm

When travelling by campervan or motorhome hire, it's important to be prepared by  having a safe place to rest each night. Here are a few excellent campsites to consider when planning your unforgettable campervan adventure:  Långholmen Camping, Gålö Havsbad, and Gällivare Camping.

The area surrounding Stockholm is brimming with pristine wilderness–travelling by campervan or motorhome hire is the perfect way to explore it all. Now, you can go further than ever when you choose a one-way hire from Stockholm to Malmö. 

So, are you ready to begin the journey of a lifetime? Hire a campervan or motorhome from Stockholm today and discover how exciting life in Sweden can be.

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