How to carbon offset your trip:

1. Go to Forstfreunde's website

2. Estimate the KMs of your travel

3. Chose where you want to plant your tree (Choose between Malawi - Africa, Persia - the Middle East and Kyllburg - Germany)

4. Round up your KMs in whole numbers and add the amount to chart (100km = 1, 200km = 2, 300km = 3)

5. Purchase your trees and enjoy nature!

You can freely choose how many kilometres of your trip you want to compensate, together with Forstfreunde we have calculated 0.7 trees for 0.70€ per 100 km.

Sustainable afforestation with social impact.

We have decided to partner with Forstfreunde due to their expertise as well as high integrity and transparency. Tree planting is one of the most tangible ways to carbon offset CO2, as it both capture CO2 from the atmosphere, creates O2, reforest areas as well as re-naturalise ecosystems and habitats. In addition, their trees are working to boost the local economy, by not only offering “regular trees” but also crops such as cocoa, bananas and papaya that further helps strengthen food safety and local communities.

With each purchase you are guaranteed:

  • A tree planted locally by local conservationists
  • CO2 compensation of your indie campers trip
  • Ongoing video and photo coverage of the planting area
  • Your personal share in environmental and climate protection and the preservation of biodiversity