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Rent out your campervan

Don't let your campervan sit idle and earn up to an average of 10,000€ per year! Join the Indie community and list your motorhome to start earning!

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We've got you covered

Extensive insurance coverage

Relax while hiring out your campervan or motorhome with our insurance benefits. We are teaming up with top-of-class insurance vendors across Europe to guarantee your motorhome's protection.

Let your vehicle earn you money

Consistent passive income

Why let your campervan sit idle when you could generate income from it? Estimate your earnings with our dynamic calculator below.

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Estimate your earnings

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Your vehicle

Personal details

Simple process, high reward


FiIl out the form

Fill in your vehicle and personal details and we'll reach out to you as soon as you can create your listing.


Create your listing

When you've created your account, add a nice description and photos of your vehicle. You can choose your own prices, availability, pick-up points, and more.


Rent out and start earning

Once your motorhome is listed, booking requests will start to come in. Accept a request to start earning. Or select the 'instant booking' option to make renting out even easier.

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Why list your campervan on Indie Campers

Campervan experts

We began our great run to grow as an industry leader by providing and renting out our own motorhomes. We know what it means to own a campervan and built a marketplace with that goal.

Plan your earnings

You determine how much to make per day of leasing out your campervan. Our dedicated support crew has the ground experience and is regularly available to support you to set a rate to match interest in your area.

Latest tech

We're always updating our platform with exciting new features and ideas to make renting out vans easier for you. Concurrently with our service partners, we build the best peer-to-peer market for campervans.

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Earn money when not using your Campervan

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