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Campervan Hire in Brisbane

The best campervans and motorhomes for hire in Brisbane

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Campervan and RV Hire in Brisbane

Campervan and RV hire in Brisbane is an incredible way to experience Queensland and beyond. With the Sunshine and Gold coasts on either side of Brisbane, the area has breathtaking coastlines and epic natural wonders that you can easily reach when hiring a campervan.

Brisbane National Parks

North of Brisbane and a short drive in your campervan, you can find the incredible Great Sandy National Park. The main attractions are great walks, scenic views, and unspoiled beaches.

Bribie Island National Park is accessible in a campervan, thanks to a bridge. Whitesand beaches, beautiful scenery, and lots of wildlife, like kangaroos, are a few of the points that make the park so unique.

Further south, past the iconic Byron Bay and toward Sydney, you can find Bundjalung National Park. Incredible wildlife, rainforests, and trails that take in stunning natural scenery are serious highlights. There are also paddleboarding, swimming, and first-rate beaches.

Brisbane Coastline, Lakes, and Rivers

Brisbane gives you access to Queensland's 7000 km coastline. Eastern Australia is well known for its fantastic beaches, which make coastline road trips so popular.

To the south, you can access Sydney and Melbourne by the coast. Many campervan itineraries are built around taking in the coast and its spectacular scenery while connecting with these big cities.

Brisbane also has a lot of lakes that you can experience with a campervan. One of the most notable is Lake Mackenzie, on Fraser Island, in southwest Queensland. Lake Eden is another excellent choice, with great walks, wildlife, and playgrounds. For something a bit more obscure, you can try Lake Dunn and check out the incredible Sculpture Trail.

Queensland has some great rivers too. Cooper Creek is amazing. You can travel along parts of it in your campervan and witness places like The Valley of the Monks, Cusarare Falls, and Lake Arareco.

The Warrego River, which is in New South Wales, is another fantastic campervan destination. It's beautiful and contains a lot of activities too, like kayaking, bird watching, cycling, walks, and swimming. The Parro river is also in New South Wales, with bushwalking, birdwatching, and fishing being popular activities for adventurers.

Campgrounds Near Brisbane

Campervan in Brisbane sets you up to explore Queensland and New South Wales. However, finding a spot to camp is incredibly important. Many of the best sites are very popular, so it's essential to book ahead when planning your itinerary. For more tips on planning an itinerary, read our helpful blog post, Road Trips for Beginners .

Bribie Island Caravan Park is an excellent choice if you're visiting Bribie Island. It's a perfect place for campervan vehicles, with excellent facilities, like a tennis court, pool, mini-golf course, games room, and more.

The Dingo Van and RV Park is another outstanding option. It's close to the Dawson Range State Forest, the clean campsite, the hosts are friendly, and the campfire singalongs are legendary.

Finally, the Elliott Heads Holiday Park is worth the stay. Modern facilities, free vegetable gardens, and great locations near the coast are just some of the things that make this site very special for your road trip. It's a peaceful spot to relax, but there are lots of nearby activities, like fishing and surfing, if you're looking for a campervan adventure.

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